Power Amplifiers Class D

Professional power amplifiers produced by AO "OKB ART" are high-performance class D amplifiers with the technology of active distortion compensation, providing a high level of amplification and excellent sound quality. Due to the use of the most advanced technical solutions and unique own developments, professional power amplifiers produced by AO "OKB ART" have a range of advantages as compared with traditional power amplifiers:

  • Class D with active distortion compensation technology.

  • Extremely precise sound transmission due the less deep feedback.

  • Absence of thermal distortion, which is especially noticeable at low frequencies.

  • High linearity.

  • No need for Zobel circuits, and because feedback is taken directly from the output, distortion and nonlinearities that are introduced into the signal are corrected.

  • Full control of the speaker cone due to the extremely low output impedance.

  • Impulse power supply with Active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) so efficiency can reach up to 96%.

  • Power supply based on LLC-resonant half-bridge converter topology. The rectangular structures typical of capacitor circuits are converted to a sine wave, which greatly improves efficiency.