About us    

Since 1991, the Experimental Design Bureau of Automation and Radioelectronic Technology (OKB ART) has been developing, designing, manufacturing and commissioning professional audio-visual equipment.

The foundation of AO «OKB ART» is a corporate philosophy of innovation. This applies to our products, technologies used and services provided, and also reflects a constant technological exchange and joint efforts of all company divisions in research, development and production.

Fields of activity
  • Design and production of wireline broadcasting equipment;
  • Design and production of professional power amplifiers;
  • Development, production, installation and commissioning of LED screens;
  • Design and manufacture of LED lighting fixtures for lighting interiors, industrial premises, industrial sites, special equipment, public spaces and facades; 


AO «OKB ART» has its own administrative and production complex of buildings with a total area of more than 3000 square meters, located in the industrial area of Krasnoyarsk, which includes
  • Laser complex for cutting sheet metal;
  • Complete set of mechanical and metalwork equipment;
  • Painting equipment;
  • Auxiliary production (all stages of toroidal transformers production, starting from transformer steel casting);
  • Installation and assembly area, adjustment area and SMD assembly area;